Thursday, August 25, 2011

Kerrville Firefighters, around 1930

These gentlemen are the Kerrville Fire Department crew around 1930.  I imagine most of them were volunteers.  The photo was taken by the fire station (which is shown on the far right of the photo), and in front of the Cascade Pool (which is directly behind the firemen).  Thanks to Jim Porter for sharing this with us.
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Kerrville Fire Department personnel, Kerrville, around 1930
Written on back: "front row: "Paul, Red, Jimmy, Howard B. 'Son' Lowrance
back row: Walter, unknown, George F."


  1. I wish that I knew the last names of all these men.

    Can anyone identify them?


  2. If I had those cars in my inventory, I'd be very happy.

  3. The fire department building appears to have windows at ground level which makes me wonder if the building had more than one level.

  4. Look at that beautiful old lamp post behind the firemen.

    I would love to have 20- 30 of those lampposts on my property.

    Note: I feel more comfortable typing lamp post as two words rather than combining them to form the word "lamppost."

    However, my online dictionary and Microsoft Spell Checker gave me authority to type the two words as one word.

    Therefore, for no other reason than to please myself, I typed it both ways.

    The power of the written word is unbelievable!

  5. Howard Banks Lowrance (shown in the photo) was the son of Banks B. Lowrance.

    Banks B. Lowrance was an Alderman (City Council) in Kerrville around 1900.

    I don't know the exact date, but I wish that I did know it.

    The "B" in Banks B. Lowrance stood for "Buress" or "Burrows." There seems to be some controversy as to the exact middle name.

  6. The staircase behind and to the left of the firemen led from the men's dressing room to the pool.

    To get from the dressing room to the stairs, you had to first walk under a cold water shower.

    For some reason, that water felt colder than any other water on this planet.


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