Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Wedneday Ephemera: Kerrville's Arcadia Movie Poster Frame

Ok, technically this item is not "ephemera."
I recently added an interesting piece to my collection, a movie poster frame from Kerrville, which might have been part of the original 1926 structure.  The rear of the frame is marked "Bart G. Moore, Kerrville Amusement Company."  Mr. Moore was the man organized and ran the Kerrville Amusement Company, which owned the Arcadia, the Dixie Theater, and the Cascade Pool.  My plan is to put a poster from the silent movie era in the frame.
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Arcadia Movie Poster Frame, Kerrville, probably from 1926

Back of Arcadia movie poster frame.
Arcadia Theater, around 1926, Kerrville.  Note frames showing posters.
It's possible this frame was installed at the St. Charles Hotel, or at some other public space.  But it's also possible this frame was once on the front of the old Arcadia Theater in downtown Kerrville, back in the mid-1920s.


  1. Joe, that frame is a great find. Where on Earth did you locate it?

    Old movie posters are very expensive these days, however on the August 13th Texas Country Reporter TV show, Kirby McDaniel was highlighted.

    Kirby McDaniel has a website,

    On this website, he sells antique movie posters.

    You can read more about it at:

  2. Charlie Chaplin in City Lights would be cool!


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