Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Wednesday Ephemera: Kerr Community Fallout Shelter Plan

My long-time friend Marla Mosty McDonald brought by a copy of a late 1960s-era "Community Fallout Shelter Plan."  I love the "Save this Plan -- it may save your life!"  Thanks, Marla, for sharing this with all of us.
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  1. Judging from the signatures it would appear that the Plan was more 1970's era than 1950's. Actually this was part of an exercise conducted by Texas A&M which implemented an overall survival plan should there be a nuclear attack on San Antonio. Most of the plan was a process to handle refugees or evacuees coming out of San Antonio. Given that Russian missiles may not be all that accurate, fall out shelters were recommended for survival, however as noted on the maps there were several areas identified for the public to go for protection from fallout. Thankfully the plan never had to be implemented!

  2. Cool I see my granddaddys signature for precinct 2 Clinton D. Burney. he also operated a maintainer for the county, and was known by some by the nickname "shotgun".

  3. I remember those booklets very well.

    I always thought that the public shelters listed in the booklet would offer the public very little protection.

    I agree with you, Joe. Thank goodness the plan never had to be implemented.


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