Saturday, October 1, 2011

Morris Ranch postcard

If you travel to Fredericksburg from Kerrville on Highway 16, you pass a sign for the Morris Ranch Road.  The Morris family was important in Kerrville, the George Morris family operated the St. Charles Hotel, and I believe Mr. Morris also served as mayor of Kerrville.  This is the first photo I've seen of the old Morris Ranch building which says "Morris Ranch Store."  I always assumed the building was a hotel of some type, with the observation tower just across the road.  This photo tells a different story.
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Morris Ranch Store building, probably around 1915.


  1. My aunt, Betty Griffin Blackwell, lived at Morris Ranch growing up and we live on this same property. There are a lot of stories we could all share with you about this "ghost town!

  2. My best friend and I drove down this road multiple times throughout high school in hopes to see a ghost face appear in one of the windows of this "haunted whore house." We had heard a different story about the history of this old building. Its nice to know the REAL story now.

    1. We found a doll in a red dress. She, or, it ran at us and put it's hand on the window inches from us.. With force and fogged the glass up where it hit. Scariest moment of my life.


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