Friday, September 30, 2011

Some vintage Kerrville Postcards

I like old postcards, and a friend let me borrow these recently to make high-resolution scans.  I hope you like them, too!
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Mill Dam, Kerrville.  Parts of this dam are still visible below One Schreiner Center.

Not sure where this was, but I think there are fish to be caught there.

700 Block of Water Street, Kerrville.  Pampell's is the building on the right, with the porch balcony.


  1. The first photo shows two women next to a single post.

    I wonder if that post was part of a previous dam that had washed away.

    Or, was it the beginning of an addition to the existing dam?

  2. I have a question about the first photo.

    On the right side of the picture, next to the bank in the foreground, is that part of the old mill turbine?

  3. Is that the old Schreiner Home shown in the background of photo number 3?

    As my great, great grandchildren grow and change they sometimes make bad choices.

    However, I will never tell them about the bad choice that I once made decades ago.

    It was the bad choice of not buying that beautiful old home when it was offered to me.


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