Friday, December 9, 2011

Charles Schreiner Bank counter checks

Here are some old counter checks from Charles Schreiner Bank -- two of them look similar, but there are some subtle differences between them, other than the dates.  Counter checks, for you youngsters out there, were on the counters of most merchants.  To purchase something from the store, a customer had only to fill one of the checks out and give it to the merchant as payment.  I suppose in those days fewer foks carried a checkbook, and none had a credit card.
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Counter checks, Charles Schreiner Bank, Kerrville, early 20th century


  1. I love how some of these checks are written or signed in pencil.

    Also, the Morris Brother's checks were signed by someone other than a Morris.

    In a small town, in the early 1900's, no one had to worry about identity theft.

    I long for those days.

  2. I remember we had them in Hunts Grocery when I worked there in the mid 70s. They even had them in the pew backs at church!


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