Saturday, December 10, 2011

Charles Schreiner Company receipt

I'm having a hard time reading this receipt, but I thought some of you might be able to decipher it.  From a collection of paper items given to me as a gift recently.
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Receipt, Charles Schreiner Company, Kerrville, 1913


  1. The top part is all groceries--apples, baking powder, soda, salt,sugar,starch amd maybe 5 gallons of oil? 5 pounds of small nails.

  2. Regardless of the items purchased, the customer was overcharged.

    The first line of the bill totals
    $6.35, not $7.35.

  3. First Line:
    5 gallons of oil, 2 or 4 sacks of meal (obviously, I'm guessing), coffee, beans

    Second Line:
    Ev apples, soda, starch, baking powder

    Third Line:
    100 dram sugar, LP salt, salt

    Fourth Line:
    5 units (box, sack, etc.) of 6 penny nails

    (after the number "5", the writer has written a very fancy/sloppy, old English, "6." The next character is a "d" representing "penny."

    Fifth Line:
    bill of merchandise hereto attached

    Note: The totals are inaccurate by one dollar.

  4. After looking at the bill a second time, I believe that I was incorrect when I said the first line totaled $6.35, instead of $7.35.

    The sax meal (or whatever it is) appears to be $1.60, rather than 60 cents.

    If so, then the first line total is correct.

    Sorry for the misguiding statements.


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