Friday, January 20, 2012

Kerr County officials, Kerr County Centennial Parade

This appears to be a float from the April 1956 Kerr County Centennial parade, from the button and ribbon on the coat of one of the participants.  If anyone recognizes these folks, I'd appreciate your help in the comments section below.
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Float, Kerr County Centennial parade, Kerrville, April 1956.


  1. Joe, In my opinion the gent in the front center is Jim Weatherby. Jim was an attorney eho also served as County Attorney and also Clounty Judge. captjack47

  2. At the front is Judge Weatherby in his signature white socks. To his right is Adolph Bartel, commissoner Pct 2. Not sure on the others...

  3. Joe, my name is Dianne Meeker DeBarros. I rode on this float in the centennial parade in 1956. The County Clerk at the time was Emmie Muenker. My mother, Jerrie Meeker, (names are similar, but not related) was a Deputy in the County Clerk's Office at that time. I was 9 years old and was allowed to ride on the back of this float. A chair was set up between the two benches and I rode facing out the back of the float. It was an exciting day. It is possible that the person at the extreme left is Emmie Muenker, and my mom may be seated next to her. Seems like Julius Neunhoffer was on the float, also.


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