Saturday, January 21, 2012

Scott Schreiner house

This photo was taken, I believe in the late 1960s, of Mr. and Mrs. Scott Schreiner's house on Jackson Road.  I visited this place several times, once when the peacocks still lived there.  I remember, by the garage, a beautiful oak tree stood.  It had a long limb, horizontal to the ground, and on that limb a flock of peacocks reigned.  It was quite a sight for a young boy, and I remember it very clearly.
Scott Schreiner was the son of A. C. Schreiner, and the grandson of Capt. Charles Schreiner.
This house, until recently, was the home of Clyde and Josephine ("Dodo") Parker; I believe their son Scott now owns the house, but I'm not sure.  Dodo was Scott's daughter.
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Scott Schreiner home


  1. My uncle, June Cass, and I did lot of tree work on that place in the early '60's. I was totally amazed it was there.

  2. I lived about 100 yards from that house and heard the peacocks all the time.


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