Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Rumor: Old library to be torn down

A rumor is floating through the Kerrville history geek community that one of Kerrville's old libraries is going to be torn down.  While it's not the site of Kerrville's first public library (I believe the old Schreiner mansion on Earl Garrett street holds that distinction), it was the site of the library before the Howard Butt family gave our community the current library.
This update is for information only -- and not taking sides on the issue.  But I pass it along here because most of the readers of this blog are interested in Kerrville history.
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Memorial Library, Kerrville.  This building served as our community's
public library until 1967.
UPDATE 1/19/12: Today's issue of the Kerrville Daily Times suggests the old library will not be torn down, but will be remodeled into offices for the Crenwelge automobile dealership.


  1. I remember this library, and the one that was housed in the old Schreiner home. They were both crowded, but served the community very well.

    The building in the photo has such a wonderful historic background; I truly hope that it is not destroyed.

  2. Was this building torn down?

    1. It was not torn down, but has been transformed into one of the many buildings serving Crenwelge Motors.

  3. In the mid 1940s, the building pictured was a Pentacostal Church. The library I visited in my youth was the Schreiner Mansion.


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