Monday, February 13, 2012

First Peek: Library Renovations

The renovations underway at our Butt-Holdsworth Memorial Library are 46 days from completion, and they've come a long way from the last time I visited the worksite.  Here's what I saw during my visit:
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The chandelier and new recessed lighting in the center of the ceiling.
Taken from the rear of the library looking toward the front door.
The new "Teen Room," with whiteboard and chalkboard walls, behind
the frosted glass windows.
The stairway leading to the mural (which was preserved). 
The new children's area, which formerly was an open balcony.
All the glass has been installed on the river-facing wall.
The new playground behind the library.
Studies show having a playground increases reading rates for children.
The "Teen Room"
Patron services and offices
Looking toward what was the children's book area.
Everybody involved on the project seems to be working together well, from the architect, my friend Peter Lewis, to the builder, J. M. Lowe, to the client, the City of Kerrville.

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  1. Joe,

    Thank you for posting these library photos.

    I was present for the first dedication, and I wish that I could be present for the rededication, but I can't. The years have worn me down and travel is not easy.

    What a beautiful library. I am so happy that the great City of Kerrville decided to keep it.

    I love the playground out back.

    Because it is next to the river, I hope that a very high fence is built along the river side of the playground. Children have a habit of climbing short fences.


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