Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Sunrise, Kerrville, Valentine's Day, 2012

Sometimes it's easy to forget we live in such a beautiful place.  After all, the beauty is always around us, and I'm afraid we get used to it.
I took these photos Tuesday morning on my drive to work.  (My special thanks to my fellow-motorists who swerved to avoid me.)  I don't claim they're art.  But they helped me remember the beauty of this little town, nestled in the gentle curve of a green river.
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Guadalupe River, taken from the Lemos Street Bridge, looking downstream.
Tranquility Island, taken from the Lemos Street Bridge, looking downstream.
Sweet old Kerrville, in the early morning fog.
Looking toward the sunrise, Tivy Mountain, and the start of a new day.


  1. Beautiful pictures! Makes me homesick, Thanks.

  2. Those are beautiful photos.

    The third photo indicates that there really is very little left of the old downtown area - very few original buildings. That is very sad.

    Where are the buildings that I remember: the Hobby Shop, Mountain Sun, Walgreens, Penney's, Lehmann's, Schreiner Bank, Blue Bonnet Hotel, Vogue, Anthony's, Ice Plant, Furman's Insurance, or Fawcett's?

    Still, I am grateful that the downtown area has not gone the way of so many other downtown areas - avoided, abandoned, practically in ruin.

  3. I made one mistake. The Fawcett's building still exists.


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