Thursday, March 29, 2012

A fantastic find, continued.

Some nice friends gave me a little 1913 book kept by a Kerrville woman called "My Automobile."  It was like a ship's log, back when automobiles were a new thing.
The owner of the book (and a new 1913 Hudson Six, painted a dark blue) was Ola Gammon.  The person who sold her the car was a very young Hal Peterson, who also taught Ola how to drive.
The book is filled with photographs and notes about the journeys Mrs. Gammon took in her new car.  Some of the photos are very interesting, and I'll be publishing them over the next few weeks as we get the book scanned and processed.

A typical page.  Click on image to enlarge.
Take for instance, the page opposite the "Description of Automobile" page above.  The top photo is of a hillside in the snow.  But the image below that is labeled Mr. and Mrs. John Carney.  A quick search revealed that Mr. Carney was a traveling preacher who was a strict prohibitionist.  There are several newspaper articles about his travels through the area.  Most of his visits here were sponsored by the baptist church.  Further research reveals Mrs. Gammon was active in Kerrville's First Baptist Church; I wonder if the traveling preacher and his wife stayed at the Gammon's house when they traveled through here.
Mr. and Mrs. John Carney, in front of what I assume is the Gammon's house.
Note the raised bed of the vehicle.  I wonder if Mr. Carney preached from that bed.
This was taken in Kerrville around 1913.
I'll publish more of the photos as we get them documented and scanned.  This is really a very interesting little book!

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  1. Thanks for posting these photos.


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