Friday, March 30, 2012

The progress today on the new Kerrville city hall and clock tower.

Looks like they're making progress. Move in date: late August, 2012.  If you'd like to see the plans for the block, I've posted them HERE.
Peterson Plaza, March 2012


  1. I, very much, like the design and the layout of the building and plaza.

    It has been my experience that when a government, local or otherwise, constructs a building or road, very little thought is given to future growth.

    Soon, the new building, or road, is overtaken by the need to expand. The expansion always costs much more than it would have had a larger building, or wider road, been constructed at the very beginning of the project.

    I have no means to determine if this building will meet the city's needs twenty years from the time that it is built, but I hope that it does.

    Having said all that let me now say, again, that I truly like the new city hall and plaza.

    When completed, it will be beautiful.

    P.S. I also love the clock tower. It's time to clean and polish my DeLorean. :)

  2. Joe, you are very fortunate because of your business location.

    You will be able to look out your front window and see the beautiful new city hall building and plaza.

    It is going to be a most pleasing and serene picture.

    1. Serenity and city government don't seem compatible. :-)


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