Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Second offices of Dr. P. J. Domingues, Kerrville, around 1917

R. G. "Toby" Jobes sent along some family photographs of his grandfather's medical office and pharmacy, which were on the corner of Water and Earl Garrett Streets.  Dr. P. J. Domingues originally had his offices at his home, but around 1905 moved into new offices at that important corner.
Later, when the Charles Schreiner Bank moved from its location as a part of the Schreiner store building, Dr. Domingues moved one door west into a newly-constructed office.  These images show Dr. Domingues's office and the new Charles Schreiner Bank.
My thanks to Mr. Jobes for sharing these images with all of us.
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The new Schreiner Bank building with Dr. P. J. Domingues's office and pharmacy to the right, around 1917.
Note that the bank building lacks a clock, and that the
Blue Bonnet Hotel has not been constructed.

Interior, Dr. P. J. Domingues's medical office and pharmacy.
Dr. P. J. Domingues is shown on the left.

A later image of the drug store and bank.  Note the new clock on the bank,
and the small Blue Bonnet Hotel on the right, taken around 1920.
(The hotel would add several more stories upward, later.)


  1. Great photos!

    Thank you.

  2. The first photo is very interesting because it shows what existed before the Blue Bonnet Hotel was built.

  3. This is the first photo that I've seen of the Blue Bonnet Hotel that was taken before the extra floors were added.

  4. These are some of my favorite Kerrville photos.

  5. While looking at these photos one more time, I noticed something that previously escaped my eye.

    In the second photo, there is a display table in the center of the room (Dr. Domingues and another gentleman are standing near the table).

    Upon closer examination, it appears that the table has small seats (underneath) that swing out if needed.

    Instead of having chairs, that take up valuable space in a small area, it was ingenious to have swing-out chairs.


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