Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Wednesday Ephemera: Kerrville music book

A kind reader gave me this little music book yesterday; I think it belonged to Louis Temple.  Inside are several pages of violin music; some printed sheets pasted in, others where the music is written by hand. The back says "Geo. A. Harrison/Bookseller, Stationer and Newsdealer/ Agent for the Seaside Library/ Kerrville, Texas."  A quick Internet search suggests the "Seaside Library" was a periodical which offered the works of authors of the day, and was published in the 1870s.
If so, this little book of music dates from about that time.
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Front cover, music book, Kerrville, possibly late 1870s.

Back cover, music book, Kerrville, possibly late 1870s

One of the handwritten tunes.

One of the pasted tunes.

A sample I found online of the
"Seaside Library."

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