Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The adventures Mrs. Ola Gammon and her 1913 Hudson.

Friends recently gave me a book called "My Automobile," which turned out to be the logbook/scrapbook of a Kerrville woman, Mrs. Ola Gammon, who faithfully recorded her adventures with her new 1913 Hudson.
It turns out Mrs. Gammon bought her car from a very young Hal Peterson, the Kerrville entrepreneur for whom Hal Peterson Middle School is named.  At the time Hal "Boss" Peterson sold the car to Mrs. Gammon, he was only 13 years old.  That would make him about the age of the students now attending the school which bears his name.
We've been scanning the book (there are over a hundred images), and I'll be sharing them with you here over the next few weeks.
Mrs. Gammon was around 35 when she bought her automobile.  It is no exaggeration to say this car meant freedom.  Freedom from hitching a team of horses to a carriage, caring for them, and plodding along behind them.  Freedom to take trails the railroads failed to find.  Freedom to explore.  And explore she did.
I thought I'd provide some photos of her car to start with; later I'll show some of the places she visited and what she and her friends enjoyed on their travels.
Click on any image to enlarge
Mrs. Gammon's 1913 Hudson.  It was painted a "dark blue."

The group near Bandera.

Note the chains on the rear tires.  For mud, I think.


  1. Is there any chance you would consider copying the photos for me? I own a 1913 Hudson 54 identical to the one Mrs. Gammon owned.
    Bill Cohen, Lakewood, CO

    1. You are free to "right-click" on the image and save a copy to your computer. Thanks for asking. Joe


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