Thursday, April 26, 2012

Contest Answer: several right answers!

My long-time friend, John M. Mosty was the first person to post the correct answer to my mystery photo contest.  Mr. Mosty, a former mayor of Kerrville, shares my love of local history.  Below I'll show you the photo, the clue, and what the site looks like today.
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Kerrville, 200 block of Sidney Baker, around 1915.
I believe the fellow with the cows is George Morris, a former mayor of Kerrville

The photo I offered as a clue: the arrow points to
the Schreiner Company's windmill shop and feed store.
This building is seen in the "mystery photo" on the left.

The same section of Sidney Baker Street today, April 2012.
The new city hall is under construction on the left; the top of the
clock tower waits to be placed upon its tower.

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