Thursday, April 26, 2012

Contest Answer: Wait, wait, don't tell me.

Yesterday I posted the following photograph and asked if anyone could identify where it was taken, and what is there today...
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Mystery photo, Kerrville, around 1915
This photo, taken much later, might provide a clue:
Aerial view of Kerrville, around 1960.
I'll reveal the answer on Thursday -- if you have an idea where you think the "Mystery Photo" was taken, please put it in the comments below.  Have fun!


  1. OK, if there was a lot riding on this I'd investigate further but it's Thursday and you're gonna give the answer so here goes:

    Sidney Baker St., east side between Main & Water. The old St. Charles (without gallery) in the back and the warehouse in the fore (which is the only part still visible in the pic from late 50's, early 60's). Today this would be the site of new City Hall.

  2. I agree with Rusty.

    Great guessing game; I enjoyed it!


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