Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Contest: Where was it?

Ok, for fun, I thought we'd have a contest.  If you think you know the answer, you can put it in the comments section below.
Below is a photograph taken in Kerrville, probably around 1915.  It was not taken on some hidden alleyway.  Where was the photograph taken, and what is there today? Good luck, and have fun.
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Mystery photo, Kerrville, around 1915.


  1. Is it next to the One Schreiner building on Water Street?

    Audrey Mitchell

  2. I believe that's the west side of the old Schreiner Department store building, shot from where the new city hall is going up.

  3. My guess: With the St. Charles in the background, it appears that this was taken on Sidney Baker with the foreground being the "Windmill Shop". City Hall and Peterson Plaza today...

  4. Yay! We have several right answers. For fun, I'll post those tomorrow, keeping the mystery going. Sorry, Audrey, your guess is not correct, but it's not too far off....

  5. I'm confused.

    I want to say that the building on the right is the St. Charles Hotel, and the buildings to the left are Schreiner's feed store.

    However, I don't think that is correct because I don't remember the feed stores having brick walls.

    The doorway with the bars at the top is so very familiar, but I cannot place it.

    I give up.


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