Friday, April 13, 2012

Fishing and camping with Kerrville's Ola B. Gammon

1913 Logbook
Recently some kind friends gave me a logbook kept by a Kerrville woman, Ola B. Gammon, which she kept after getting her automobile, a Hudson Six, back in 1913.
She was very faithful in recording the trips she made in her new car, documenting how far she traveled, the road conditions, what kind of time she made, and who joined her on the trip.
Many of the trips were camping trips, often lasting a week or more.  I've looked up the Gammons in the Kerrville papers of the day, and their trips were reported in the local news columns.
One of the principal recreational activities on these trips was fishing, often with a cane pole.  Since I'm a fisherman myself, I enjoyed these images and hoped you would, too.
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I'd be surprised if any fish were left in that spot.

Looks like she had better luck.

As did she.
I'm thinking he got his line caught in the lily pads at least once.

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