Saturday, April 14, 2012

An invitation to use Dropbox

I use Dropbox for this blog
I'd like to ask some of the readers of this blog for a small favor.
I use to transfer historic Kerrville photographs from computer to computer.  The folks at Dropbox say I can get more storage for free if I invite others to use their free service.  If you'd like to help me get a bit more storage, you can click HERE to help me out. Because I believe in the product, I'm happy to invite you to use it, too.
What is Dropbox?
It's like an online computer folder where you can drop files you need to have in more place at one time, a folder in the "cloud."
I sometimes use it to transfer files to readers.  For example, this week when Schreiner University wanted to use some of my images in a display at the school, I put them in Dropbox,  and then send them a link so they can download the images.
You could use it the same way.  Say you took a lot of photos of your family at Easter, and you wanted to share them with your far-flung family.  You could load the photos to Dropbox, then send all your family members a link so they could see the photos too.  And your photos are safe: no one else can see them without the link.
Dropbox has been an important tool that I use almost daily for work on this site.  If you join their free service by clicking HERE. I'll get a few more gigabytes of storage.  (I won't get any money or a commission or anything.)  And I think you'd like using Dropbox or I wouldn't recommend it.

Ok, end of commercial/plea.

Thanks --

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