Monday, April 2, 2012

Kerr Junior Horse Clubs -- late 1960s

I ran across this photo in my files and only recognized one person: Dr. Bill Chamberlain, an eminent entomologist who also served our community on the board of the Kerrville Independent School District.  Recently I ran into his daughter, Lynn Gazaway, who, with Charlie Bierschwale of Kerrville's Back 40 Supply was able to identify many of the folks in the photo.  My thanks to both Lynn and Charlie for their help.  Her comments are below the photo.
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Kerr County 4H and FFA Junior Horse Club picnic, Kerrville, 1968
"This was likely the Kerr County 4-H and FFA Jr. Horse Club and it was probably an awards ceremony in the fall.  Looking at the picture from left to right starting with the back row: 
Leon Maples (former sheriff), Louis Groll (Dale Groll's father ?), Mr. Flenniken  (not sure of first name), A.D. Hill, Charlie Bierschwale, Bill Chamberlain, Mike Johnson
middle row
Ms. Johnson (not sure of first name), Frances Smith, Randy Hill (the auctioneer?), Mike Chamberlain, the next boy and girl are most likely Trejo because the last one on the right is Sonja Trejo
front row
Nancy Flenniken, Lois Langley, Jody Smith, Guy Smith, Bill Flenniken, the next three are most likely Johnson"

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  1. Linda Trejo is standing next to Sonja Trejo.


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