Thursday, May 10, 2012

1899 Kerrville scenes

I'm thankful Julius Nuenhoffer brought by his copy of the Christmas 1899 Kerrville Mountain Sun for me to scan.  There are a lot of very interesting photographs in the magazine-style publication.  Here are some scenes from Kerrville in 1899.  Because these are in a dated publication, they will help me (and others) date some of the photographs in our collection.
Thanks again Julius, for sharing these with everyone.
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Kerr County Courthouse, 1899, taken from the corner of
Main and (now) Sidney Baker Streets

Tivy School, Kerrville, 1899
I'd never seen a photo of the building with this facade.

Tivy Hotel.  In those days it faced Main Street.
It was moved to face Tivy Street in early 1932.

The Masonic Building, (now) Earl Garrett Street, 1899.
This is the home of Sheftall Jewelers; but it once was our post office.

Water Street scene, 1899.
The photographer was facing west, looking down the 700 block of Water;
The Schreiner store and bank are on the right.


  1. Hi Joe,

    I have a question about the Tivy Hotel photo.

    Are there any existing photos that show the hotel facing Main Street, and in the same photo show other recognizable structures.

    I'm just curious about the owners physically turning the hotel to face Tivy Street.

    Is it possible that it always faced Tivy Street, and somehow over the years the story about which direction it faced became confused?

    Thanks for your help; your blog is great.

  2. The photo in this post shows the Tivy Hotel facing Main Street. I wondered the same thing you're wondering, and found a news article about the moving of the building. It moved to its current location in the 1930s, to make room for a gas station.


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