Friday, May 11, 2012

Early maps of Kerr County

While these are not really quality images, because you can't magnify them and see all the details, they do give you a rough idea of what the area looked like in the early days of the county.  The oldest, from around 1850, doesn't show Kerr County or Kerrville; the nearest marked landmark is Bandera Pass.  These came from a document Jan Wilkinson found online.  Many thanks to Jan for sharing these with all of us.  Click HERE to visit Jan's history blog.
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Map of the area, around 1850.  Note Bandera Pass on the map.
Map of Kerr County.  This map is dated 1850 in the document, but I doubt that
since Kendall County is shown, and it wasn't created until 1862.
Kerr County map, 1873.

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