Wednesday, May 16, 2012

1899 Kerrville scenes

Julius Neunhoffer brought by a nice 1899 Christmas edition of the Kerrville Mountain Sun, produced by J. E. Grinstead, and designed to "sell" the hill country and Kerrville in particular.  Short sketches of prominent citizens, a brief story of both Kerr County and Kerrville, and photographs fill the issue.  Here are a few more nice images from the edition.  Thanks, Julius, for sharing these with everyone.
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Kerr County Courthouse, Kerrville, 1899.  This courthouse was built in 1876.

Residence of Capt. Charles Schreiner, Kerrville, 1899.

Unloading wool at Schreiner's warehouse on Water Street, Kerrville, 1899.


  1. Those are great photos.

    Thank you Joe, and Mr. Neunhoffer.

    The third photo shows Schreiner's warehouse.

    Is that the same building that would later become Gene Lehman's store?

  2. Yes, this was later Lehmann's, then later Winn's when I was a boy.


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