Thursday, May 3, 2012

Contest: Wait, Wait! Don't tell me!

Yesterday I published a photo of a rather stern looking woman.  The photo was taken in Kerrville, and I asked you to guess where it was taken, and what is there now.  Today I'm going to provide two more photos as hints.   Have fun!
If you have a guess, put it in the "Comments" section below.  If you're right, I won't publish your answer right away, so folks can continue guessing.  But don't worry, I will publish all of the comments when the contest ends on Friday.
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The mystery photo.  Where was it taken? And what's there now?
This young fellow had his photo taken
in nearly the same spot.
And this young lady had her photo taken nearby, too.


  1. Already made my guess but these pics make it more clear - especially the one with the young lady sitting where you can see at least one surviving landmark over her shoulder, not to mention the river. This part of the roof is also easier to match with aerial shots Joe has posted in the past. Does anyone else think the miss is holding a small puppy, kitten or other critter?

  2. Maybe the photos were taken on the roof of Tivy Hotel?

  3. While trying to solve this puzzle, I checked "Google Map," and to my surprise the old Secor Hospital Building is gone.

    I've been inside that old building a thousand and one times.

    What a shame, it had great historical value.

  4. Third and last time... L. A. Schreiner mansion now Brinkman's Hdq? Flag pole and "waterfall" siding throws me off. Got me good this time!


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