Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Contest: where was this photo taken?

Last week I published a "Mystery Photo" and asked people to guess where the old photo was taken, and what was there now.  I was pleasantly surprised how many of you guessed right -- and so quickly, too.  I thought we might play again.
Please post your guesses below in the "Comments" section.  If you're right, I probably won't publish your answers right away so people can keep on guessing.  But I will publish them later!
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Mystery Photo: this was taken in Kerrville.  Where was it taken?
And what is there now?


  1. I'm guessing the roof of the Bluebonnett hotel.

  2. Often, these mystery photos tax my little brain.

    However, I'm going to guess that it is part of the old Lakeside Park.

    Studying that photo took too much effort; now I have to take a nap.

  3. That lady does not look happy.

  4. Wild guess, but How about one of the front balconies of the Secor Hospital where John Miller now has his car lot?

  5. She appears to be saying "I shan't be pleased if you put that on Facebook"

  6. OK. Not Secor, but how about the Gus Schreiner Home now the clubhouse at Riverhill...


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