Wednesday, July 4, 2012

1935 Kerrville Aerial Photo

I love this old photo, because it explains so much.  With it we can really tell where things were in Old Town Kerrville.  I like it for the questions it answers.
But I like it for the common things it shows, too.  Like the clothes fluttering on the clothesline.  Or the train cars lined up by the wool warehouse on Water Street. Or even how few cars are at the courthouse that day.
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Kerrville, Aerial view, around 1935


  1. Thanks, Joe - great picture as usual. Was the Cascade pool built then? If so, the Bluebonnet hides it. No bridge across the river - don't know if it was lost in flood or hadn't been built. Evidence of the '32 flood can be seen and I notice a street between Tivy and Washington that no longer exists (between Jefferson & Main).

  2. This photo is beautiful, beautiful, and beautiful!!!

    This is the Kerrville that I remember.

    I will get hours of enjoyment looking at all the detail of this picture.

    Thank you, Joe!

    This is my new favorite Kerrville photo.

  3. If you enlarge the photo and then locate the Tivy Hotel, you can see an imprint in the dirt, just to the left of the hotel.

    It appears to be the same size as the hotel, itself.

    Could that have been where the Tivy Hotel existed, when it faced Main Street?

    When the hotel was moved, was it also turned?

    The reason I ask is because the length and width of the imprint seems to match the orientation of the hotel as it is today. It doesn't look as if it was turned, only moved a bit.

  4. Behind the Ice Plant, you can see the old wooden dam that was built at an angle.

    Below the dam, you can see something that goes straight across the river.

    It is not the walkway that Mr. Schreiner built so that he could walk from his home, across the river, to the bank each morning.

    If you look at Google Earth, you can still see what's left of the structure.

    On Google Earth it looks like water is flowing over it.

    Plus, on the opposite side of the river in that exact spot there is a concrete structure.

    What was it?

  5. If you look at the intersection of Washington and Main Streets (I suppose it's the north side of Main Street), you will see a very large two story house.

    In the 1950's, there was an elderly black haired woman and her somewhat elderly black haired daughter who lived in that house.

    They were the only ones who lived in that entire gigantic house.

    I, and the other neighborhood boys, were convinced that those two women were witches.

    Obviously, I and the other neighborhood boys were idiots.

  6. The structure on top of the courthouse was the jail.

    I had a great uncle who spent a tremendous amount of time in that part of Kerrville.

  7. Joe, what is your opinion?

    Do you think that the imprint in the ground next to the Tivy Hotel is where the hotel's foundation existed prior to the building being moved, or do you think it's a fence that was built around a possible garden?

    I re-read your article, dated, "Monday, May 21, 2012," and entitled, "The Journey of the Tivy Hotel."

    The article verifies that the hotel was moved AND turned, so that question has been answered.

    However, the hotel was moved in 1931 and this photo was taken in 1935, so it's possible that the imprint is part of the remaining/previous foundation.

    What are your thoughts?

    Inquiring minds want to know. :)

  8. I think you're right: it's the outline if the old foundation.

  9. You can even see Lanza Teague's grandparents' house at the corner of Jefferson and Washington. The large open space of the playground behind Notre Dame is very obvious. GREAT PHOTO.


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