Thursday, July 5, 2012

Pampells and Kerrville Book Store

I've seen this image in a lot of Kerrville collections, including Dr. Bill Rector's, but this is the first time I've ever examined a digital copy of the photo.  I think I can see the words "Kerrville Book Store" in the sign on the 1-story part of the building to the left of the main Pampell's building.  I'm not sure -- what do you think?
If it is the Kerrville Book Store, that store was a source of some of the post cards in my collection.
Also, someone might know if this photo shows Pampell's -- or if it was taken prior to when J. L. Pampell bought the property, back when this building was the Gregory Hotel.
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Pampell's and Kerrville Book Store, corner of Water and Tchoupitoulas streets.
Tchoupitoulas Street was later renamed Sindey Baker Street, in honor of a Kerrville
boy who died in France in the First World War


  1. The Kerrville Book Store, owned by John C. Graves, was located next to Pampell's for two years from 1899 until late 1901 or early 1902. On February 15, 1902, D. A. Pace ran an advertisement announcing the opening of a saddle and harness shop "in the building formerly occupied by the Kerrville Book Store, next door to Pampell's". The Kerrville Book Store continued in business several more years at a Main Street location.

    John L. Pampell purchased the building in 1901.
    This photo shows one man standing alone in the balcony of Pampell's. Could that be John Pampell proudly showing off his new acquisition?

  2. I feel sure that the changes in the building, including the absence of the 'Gregory House' sign, the addition of the outside stairway directly to the second floor, and the more flamboyant architectural details, indicate that this is the Pampell version of the building. The dates given in the first comment (above) indicate that these changes would have been made between purchase by Pampell in 1901, and the departure of the bookstore by early 1002.
    --Dana Lowe


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