Friday, July 6, 2012

Rare coin found

One of my classmates from our days at Starkey found an extremely rare coin in a dresser he's refinishing, and I got permission to share an image of it here.
The Favorite Saloon was in one of the earliest rock buildings downtown, and, unbelievably, the building still stands.  It's in the 700 block of Water Street and today is the home of the Rector's "Hill Country Living."
I've seen several other "trading" coins for other early Kerr County businesses, but this is the first "Favorite Saloon" coin I've ever seen.  You won't believe another item this friend of mine has: a camel bell from Camp Verde.  Yes, really.  Kind of makes me green with jealousy.
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Trading coin, Favorite Saloon, Kerrville.  Likely from before 1890.

Reverse, trading coin, Favorite Saloon, Kerrville.  Likely before 1890.


  1. Joe,

    That is a great find.

    Thank you for sharing the photos with us, and thank you to your friend for allowing you to post it on your blog.

    I've seen other trading coins from "days gone by," but I don't completely understand their function.

    Were they used in place of money? If so, how did the customer acquire the coins?


    1. These tokens were often used in places where currency was scarce. The "5" on the back might have been 5 cents, or 5 dollars.


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