Saturday, August 11, 2012

1901 Kerrville Souvenir

Souvenir, Kerrville Fair, 1901
 A friend from Comfort let me photograph a little souvenir badge from the 1901 West Texas Fair which was held annually in Kerrville.  On the obverse is a photo of the fairgrounds, which were near where Five Points and Wells Fargo's main Kerrville branch are today.
Note the Saengerbund was part of the festivities.
It looks like they had entertainment aplenty those four days: a stock show, a Saengerfest (men's choral festival), a carnival, and horse racing.   Plus the souvenir plugs Kerrville's "ideal climate" and elevation.
The diameter of the pendant is about an inch. (I should have measured it!)

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  1. Kerrville is sinking!!! Of course not, but the elevation today, which is taken at the airport, is 1645 feet. Wonder when the terminology was changed from altitude to elevation. Probably because of the invention of the airplane. Wadda ya think?

    Jerry Fife


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