Friday, August 10, 2012

Mystery Photo -- probably before 1900.

Steve Meeker loaned me a small album of extremely rare photographs.  I can identify all of them except one; of the ones I can identify, all of them were taken in Kerrville.
Because all of the others were in Kerrville, I'm assuming this one was taken here as well.  A similar water tower is visible in one extremely early photograph of our community.
I'm asking for help in identifying this image.  I cannot tell whether the building is under construction, or is being demolished.  I cannot identify the women.  And I do not know where this image was taken. 
Any help in the comments section below would be most appreciated.
Mystery photograph, possibly in Kerrville, most likely before 1900.


  1. It would be an odd way to put a building up. Surely they are taking it down.
    Here are some things I see that might help. There is a row of buildings in the background. A two-story building to the right in the background appears to be of rock, as well as a building to the far left. It looks like there is a cedar post fence along the road in the background.

  2. The water tower in this photo appears to be the same tower that can be seen in the first of three photos that you posted on February 11, 2012.

  3. Comparing the angle of the demolished building to the water tower, I would like to say that the stones are the remnants of Dr. Domingues' office building before Mr. Schreiner built his bank on the same location.

    The one snag to that theory is the stone building, in the background, on the right side of today's photo. It's very confusing.

    One thing that is not confusing is the water tower. It's the one that used to be across the street from Pampell's.

  4. After looking at additional photos, I now believe that I was incorrect when I stated that the water tower was across from Pampell's.

  5. Clearly on the way down, and been there a while (see vines on walls). Could it have been an old church? Ladies all in white may or may not be a clue? Dana Lowe

  6. The stone building on the right side of the photo (background) might be the Masonic Lodge or the Rector's building.

  7. Those are beautiful load-bearing limestone blocks. Now we just get veneer.

  8. There is a good sized hill in the background, left, beyond the water tower. And, the road behind this building is on a significant grade.
    These details might provide some context for those of you who are really familiar with Kerrville and area.
    Are these types of terrain found in downtown Kerrville?
    Also, what is known about the original owner of the album? Dana Lowe

  9. Not being able to solve this mystery is driving me bananas.

    Here's another attempt at the solution.

    The dirt road behind the stone wall may be Sidney Baker Street.

    If so, then Main Street is directly in front of the stones and the two ladies.

    According to the 1898 Sanborn Map, there was a building on the corner of Sidney Baker and Main.

    However, I don't know what type of building it was, or what material was used to construct it.

    Joe, please solve this mystery so that I can get some sleep. :)


  10. Notre Dame church At the Corner of Washington and Main?

  11. Answer here?:
    "John E. Ochse had a store where the Catholic Church is [that is, the old Notre Dame sanctuary, at the corner of Washington and Main Street]."


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