Thursday, August 9, 2012

A newly discovered photo of Charles Schreiner?

Steve Meeker loaned me a few extremely rare Kerrville images, and I noticed this one of several men standing beside the Schreiner store.
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Group of men along Earl Garrett Street (then called Mountain Street)
beside Schreiner's store, probably around 1895.
One fellow in particular stood out.  His clothes are a little nicer, he's not tall (Schreiner was about 5'7"), and he looks a bit like some of the photos I've seen of Charles Armand Schreiner.
Detail, from above photo.  Could this be Capt. Charles Schreiner?
This is, of course, speculation on my part.  But there's a chance this is a previously undiscovered photo of Schreiner.  If so, I wonder who the other fellows are in the photograph.  I'd appreciate your comments below.

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  1. Joe, that picture sure has some of Charlie III facial details. Send a note to Charlie IV and Gus! George Stacy


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