Saturday, October 6, 2012

Wool Wagon at Kerrville's Schreiner Wool Warehouse

Wool wagon at Schreiner's Wool Warehouse, Kerrville, probably about 1900.
This is another good shot of the type of wagon used to haul wool in from the ranches.  Kerrville was the biggest market for wool, largely because of Charles Schreiner, who was a wool commission agent, and served a large area of West Texas.
The building in the background is almost completely gone -- but a portion of it remains.  When the Schreiner Building was restored by the Cailloux Foundation, a wall which was once an interior wall now serves as an exterior wall.  It's the stone wall facing Sidney Baker Street, and it was once part of the building above.
Some friends brought this image by and while the subject is one I've published here before, I don't remember publishing this exact image on the blog.

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