Friday, October 5, 2012

Answer to the Puzzler

Huntington Photography Studio, Kerrville, possibly as early as 1898.
Yesterday I asked if anyone could identify the site of the Huntington Photography Studio shown in this photo.

Well, the little studio faced Sidney Baker, and was on the corner of Sidney Baker and Water Streets, about where the parking building is located today.  When I was a boy, Peterson Auto was on this block, and the Kerrville Bus Company was on this corner. 

This is the corner diagonally across from Pampell's.

I hope this little contest was fun for you....


  1. I keep trying to zoom in on the bicycle! :)

  2. So could this have been the photographer who made the picture of WV and Julia Gregory on the front porch of the Gregory House, later Pampell's?


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