Friday, November 30, 2012

A new photo of Kerrville's "Split Rock."

Herman & Augusta Schulze at Split Rock in 1931
I got a nice email from Alicia Butler, who lives in Austin, and sent the photograph above, along with this message:
"I enjoyed your blog entries about looking for Split Rock.  Until about 1946, my great-grandparents, Herman & Augusta Schulze, owned the land where Split Rock is located.  They called the place (appropriately) Split Rock Farm, and the name occasionally turns up in the old Kerrville papers in connection with social events they had out there.  Here's a picture of them at the rock in 1931.  Augusta was one of the 12 children of Christian & Rosalie Dietert (the millwright & his wife, former postmistress for [Kerrville]).  I enjoy this picture a lot, because my own mother is the spitting image of Augusta."
There is a short sketch about Split Rock in my new book, from a column I wrote about my search for the old landmark.

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