Saturday, December 1, 2012

A birthday party at Kerrville's St. Charles Hotel

Alice Domingues' birthday party, 1909, the St. Charles Hotel, Kerrville
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"Toby" Jobes sent along this photograph of a child's birthday party, taken around 1909, in the courtyard of the St. Charles Hotel.  There are several things I find very interesting about the photo.
The nanny, of course, interests me, and I wish more of her face was visible in the old photograph.  The expressions on the faces of the little girls are also interesting.
I like the birthday cake holder -- with the candles not in the birthday cake, but in the holder.  That's a clever idea.
The image of the little girl on the far right -- the blurry one -- makes me think that little girl was in "constant motion," not unlike my children at that age.
If any one of you can identify the girls in the photograph, both Mr. Jobes and I would be grateful.
There are objects in the photo that seem to indicate it was indeed taken in the courtyard of the old St. Charles Hotel -- the "wishing well" and the glider.  But the building directly behind the girls' table is a  small mystery to me.  You'd think it would be the old Wool Warehouse owned by Captain Schreiner, but the stones along the base seem to indicate a pier and beam building of some sort; it's another mystery.

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