Sunday, December 2, 2012

Kerrville's Arcadia Theater movie poster frame

Movie Poster Frame: Arcadia Theater, Kerrville, late 1920s.
Several years ago I acquired this movie poster frame from a woman who wanted it out of her barn.  It's been on exhibit twice since: first at the Kerr Arts and Cultural Center, then later, for about a month, at Grape Juice, along with other items from my Kerrville and Kerr County collection.
The frame fairly large -- and heavy.  I had to install special hooks to hold it on the wall.
I have not found photographic evidence that this frame was part of the old Arcadia itself.  There is circumstantial evidence, though, that it was part of the "Kerrville Amusement Company" properties, though.  (The Kerrville Amusement Company built and owned the Arcadia, as well as the Dixie Theater, the Cascade Pool, and the Rialto Theater.)  On the back of the frame is a shipping address: "Bart Moore, Kerrville Amusement Company, Kerrville, Texas"
It's now on display in the front office of our print shop at 615 Water Street, Kerrville.


  1. Joe, who owned the Kerrville Amusement Company?

    1. Bart Moore was the general manager, and there were several investors, including Louis Schreiner and his nephews I believe, Junior and Scott Schreiner.

    2. This was a thrill to see. Bart Moore was my grandfather, and this archeological dig is quite an exciting find. My mother was his daughter - Martha Moore McNeel. He was a god, a starting runner, kick off returner and punt returner for the Texas Longhorns in 1909 and 1910. My mother tells me that he was in hiding in Kerrville from several contracts out on his life for a significant role he played in the impeachment of Governor Jim Ferguson -- long story. Thanks, Joe herring for posting this. I'd love to chat with you some day.
      John McNeel - San Antonio


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