Tuesday, March 26, 2013

From Sid Peterson Memorial Hospital to the Blue Bonnet Hotel -- 1956

If you were to climb the hospital and take a photograph of the downtown Kerrville area in 1956, pointing your camera toward the Blue Bonnet Hotel -- this is what you would see.  This photo was taken during the county's centennial by Starr Bryden.
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Downtown Kerrville, 1956.  The Blue Bonnet Hotel behind Schreiner Bank.
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  1. It’s so much fun to blow up old pics like this and find small details like the VA in the distance. I wonder if it was taken around Christmas because of the star on top of the Blue Bonnet hotel. You can tell its winter because of the tree foliage. Its must not be very cold the pedestrians seem lightly dressed. Note the AC units in the Bank windows. I think it’s safe to say that many of these buildings had no air conditioning. Other points of internist to me – all the men are wearing hats, the parking meters and the wind mill to the left of the hotel over the roofline of the vogue, oh and one more thing the picture was taken at 8:50 in the a.m.

  2. I love this photo.

    This is the Kerrville that I remember.

    In the photo, I can see Reiters Garage, Anthonys, The Vogue, Blue Bonnet Hotel, Blue Bonnet Drug, First State Bank, Central Drug, Schreiner's store and Schreiner's Bank.

    (I still have a zippered money bag from the old State Bank.)

    I wish that I could also see the front of the Ice Plant, but it is hidden behind the hotel.

    I can even see the old clock in front of Schreiner's Bank. That old clock was as much a part of Kerrville's History as Mr. Schreiner himself.

    That clock was notorious for falling behind time. Do you know who was given the responsibility for resetting the clock so that it would give the proper time?

    It was Mr. Schreiner's boy. He didn't service the clock, but he set it. He was always very busy in the bank, but he still felt that he was the one who should set the time.

    On top of the Blue Bonnet Hotel I see a star. That tells me that it was Christmas.

    Every year at Christmas time, Christmas music could be heard emanating from the top of the hotel.

    I miss those days.

    I miss the clarity that those days offered us.


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