Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Now, the Blue Bonnet Hotel looking toward Sid Peterson Memorial Hospital -- 1956

If you were to climb the Blue Bonnet Hotel and take a photograph of the downtown Kerrville area in 1956, pointing your camera toward the Sid Peterson Memorial Hospital -- this is what you would see.  This photo was taken during the county's centennial by Starr Bryden.
Extra credit: how can I tell this photo was taken around 1956?
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Downtown Kerrville, 1956.  Peterson's, the bus station,
the Sid Peterson Memorial Hospital, and Schreiner's,
plus Lehmann's and J. C. Penney's.
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  1. The new car models at Peterson's and the filling station is still on the hospital corner?

  2. Oh yea, now I can see the Centennial sign, though I had thought that was '57.

  3. I don't know the answer to this question, but I'm going to make a guess.

    I see Lehmann's Five and Dime.
    I see J.C. Penney's.
    I see the gas station that was connected to the hospital.
    I see that the hospital had not been remodeled.
    I see the Manhattan sign.

    I don't know if any of those items offer the clue, but they might.

    A curious note: It appears that Schreiner's store has a short wave radio antenna on top of the building.

    Joe, this was a FUN exercise. Thank you.

  4. It took me awhile to find the Centennial banner that was mentioned in a previous comment, but I did find it.

    Also, if you look past the hospital, and Petersons you will see a two story house.

    If I'm not mistaken, that house, in later years, was utilized as a funeral home.

  5. In this photo, there is no white arrow painted on the top of Schreiner's store.

    I believe that it pointed to San Antonio.

    Joe, didn't you once post a photo of the arrow on top of the store?

  6. Joe, if you look in the top, right corner of the photo you will see what looks like a fairly large building.

    I should be able to identify the building, but I can't.

    Can you offer any help?

    Thank you.

  7. The centennial banner dates the picture, for the centennial was in 1956.
    The white two story bldg. visible over the hospital was indeed a funeral home.
    I believe it was already functioning as one when the picture was taken.
    Refresh my memory someone, what was the Manhattan? I recall a magazine and shoeshine store somewhere just east of the Arcadia.
    The large white bldg. in the upper right hand corner would be approx. in the vicinity of the neighborhood of where our house was, but I don't immediately recognize it.

    This was where it all was happening in 1956 when I was 16.

  8. The large white building referenced above as being in the upper right hand corner of the photo might have been the wool & mohair warehouse. It was the scene of a large fire on or about 1947, but I think the building may have been refurbished.


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