Tuesday, April 23, 2013

A newly found shot of 1956 Kerrville

I'm sure others have seen this shot, but it's new to me.  Some friends down the street let me borrow some images to scan, and this one is likely an image taken by Starr Bryden.  I'm pretty sure it was taken in 1956 for two reasons -- first, it was among those images Bryden offered for sale during the 1956 Kerr County centennial celebrations, and second, the movie showing at the Arcadia ("The Lieutenant Wore Skirts") came out in 1956.
One thing I noticed: Brehmer's Jewelers is in a different place from the one I remember.
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Kerrville, 700 block of Water Street, 1956
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  1. This is a great photo; I love it.

    In the photo I can see my beloved Arcadia and Rialto theaters.

    In later years the Rialto theater was transformed into a youth dance hall called "The Casket."

    Joe, please post more; these are wonderful!

  2. Joe, is the Arcadia theater remodeling completed?

    If so, how is it currently being utilized?

  3. "The Smokehouse". I was trying to remember what that place. While it was officially a liquor store, I remember it mostly as a shoe shine place and magazine store. (I was not old enough to by liquor at the time.)


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