Wednesday, April 24, 2013

A bit of irony in this pre-World War I image of Kerrville

I thought this photo showed a bit of irony, and when I read the caption, I got it: J. E. Grinstead, who is credited with taking this photograph, had a keen sense of humor.
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Clipping from the Kerrville Mountain Sun, showing an
Ice Wagon delivering ice in the snow.
The scene is from the 700 block of Water Street,
opposite Schreiner Company.

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  1. What a wonderful photo this is.

    I love it for so many reasons: the buildings are part of the Kerrville that I remember, the trees are boxed in, the delivery wagon is horse-drawn, and, of course, the wagon is delivering ice in a snow storm.

    It's a new favorite of mine.

    Thank you for posting this photo.

  2. Joe, 1914 is mentioned in the caption.

    Is that when the buildings in the photo were built?


  3. Kerrville had a hard winter in 1914. I don't believe that the photo was taken that year, but only comparing it to the winter of that year. 1914 is definitely a year to remember however, not only for its winter, but also for it being the senior class @ Tivy for Howard E. Butt. ENJOYED THE PHOTO, JOE !!!


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