Thursday, April 25, 2013

The "dude ranch" that became the Kerrville State Hospital

It's true: the Kerrville State Hospital property can trace its history back to a "dude ranch" built on the site, "My Ranch."
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Clipping from the Kerrville Mountain Sun.
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  1. I knew the V.A. Hospital was a TB sanitarium prior to becoming a hospital, but this is the first time that I've heard it was a resort area.

    This was very informative, plus it proves that the old saying is true, "you are never too old to learn."

    Today, I learned. :)

  2. Just to be clear: My Ranch became the Kerrville State Hospital. The American Legion Hospital became the VA Medical Center. Not sure if I was clear about that before.

  3. After going back and re-reading your post I realized that I made a mistake.

    Your post was very clear, however I was not "receiving" at full power.

    Now, having admitted that I wasn't paying close attention when I read your blog, let me say I was unaware that prior to a State Hospital being constructed, a resort was located in the same general location.

    Even with my earlier mistake, I still learned. :)

  4. No worries! I don't write where my meaning is very clear.


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