Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Kerrville Roller Mills -- turn of the last century

I've seen this image before -- but never had an opportunity to scan an original print. When you scan a good original, you can really pick up details you can't see otherwise.  Perhaps someone can identify the four men in the photo. This mill was about where One Schreiner Center is today, in the 800 block of Water Street in downtown Kerrville.
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Kerrville Roller Mills, around 1908

Detail, Kerrville Roller Mills, 1908
There is writing on the back of the image:
"Kerrville Roller Mills, the home of "Golden Crown" Flour. 'When you buy a sack of Golden Crown Flour you get 48 lbs of 'flour' and no white powder." From a caption published in the Kerrville Mountain Sun January 12, 1980

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  1. I've always enjoyed studying manufacturing processes.

    Seeing this photo makes me realize how difficult manufacturing, and life in general, must have been in earlier centuries.

    I wonder what it will be like a few hundred years from now.


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