Saturday, April 13, 2013

Mystery Photo: taken in present-day Kerrville, but where?

Ok, for a little Saturday fun, I'm posting a "Mystery Photo."  The only hint: I took it earlier this month in the city limits of Kerrville.  Can you guess where it was taken?  I'll post the name of the first person who gives the correct answer in the comments section below.  (I won't release the correct comments until later, when I announce the winner, so keep guessing.....)
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Mystery Photo: where in Kerrville was this photo taken?
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  1. I did newspaper research. 8-)
    Mount Wesley Conference Center.
    It was established at Mount Wesley in 1958 by the Mount Wesley Garden Club.

  2. I thought this would be an easy question to answer, but I am finding it very difficult.

  3. Methodist Encampment, around Panorama or Vesper Drive? Kat Walker

  4. I'm at a loss.

    I fudged by going to Google, but I still couldn't find the answer.

    This is a difficult question; I cry foul! :)

  5. I'll make a guess and say Schreiner College, but it is a guess based on no true knowledge of the location.

  6. By chance, could it be somewhere around the old Thompson Sanatorium?


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