Friday, April 12, 2013

Kerrville in the 1950s: the hospital, Penney's, Lehmann's, and Schreiner's

This is a shot of the north side of the 700 block of Water Street in downtown Kerrville, showing the hospital, J C Penney's, Lehmann's, and the Schreiner Company.  I remember these buildings, though by the time I was a boy Lehmann's had become Winn's.  None of these buildings remain today, save the Schreiner building.
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700 block of Water Street, Kerrville, mid-1950s

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  1. I always enjoyed going into Lehmann's Five and Dime store.

    It had creaky wooden floors which, for some reason, appealed to me.

    Also, I enjoyed the lunch counter, and always looked forward to visiting Santa, who for some reason was always located next to the toy department. :)

  2. I remember going into Lehmann's barefoot and coming out with black soles as a child. But it was one of my favorite destinations, usually with my grandmother Wilma (Bill) Meyners for marbles or cheap toys.

  3. I really enjoyed looking at this photo.

    Thank you, Joe.

    You enlighten our world.

  4. Was it Lehmann's or J.C. Penney in which they put your money in a canister and then shot it upstairs? And you would wait and your change would come back down in that canister. All money handling was done upstairs in the balcony.


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