Thursday, April 4, 2013

Peterson's Garage, Kerrville, 1930s

My long-time friend James Partain shared this photo with all of us.  It shows the Peterson Garage in what I'll venture to say is snow, though the people in the image don't seem to be wearing coats.
Peterson's Garage was on the corner of Water and Sidney Baker streets, where the old hospital parking building is today; it was diagonally across the corner from Pampell's.
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Peterson's Garage, Kerrville, 1930s, possibly in the snow.
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  1. Peterson's was a great place to have your car repaired. It was one of the long-time standards of Kerrville.

    My ancient mind plays tricks on me once in awhile, so I am forgetful and sometimes get things wrong, but at one time wasn't the building also utilized as a bus station?

  2. Yes, it was the main station for the Kerrville Bus Co., also owned by the Peterson family. The Kerrville Bus Co. still exists, but headquartered in Austin. The buses don't have the once familar Kerrville Bus Co. name on their sides. I don't think they run scheduled routes like they used to, but only operate as charter buses. My last experience with them was when we chartered several of them for a high school band trip approximately 30 years ago.

    Concerning the picture, it looks like that there are gas pumps on islands inside the service drive thru. I do not remember them existing when the facility was used as the bus station.

    Thanks for the memories, Joe.

  3. To show you how times have changed, the old bus station had two restrooms.

    One was marked "colored," and the other was marked "white."

    Also, there were two drinking fountains marked in the same manner.

    Thank goodness that nonsense has gone away.


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