Sunday, April 21, 2013

Saturday Mystery Photo: Answer revealed

Saturday I posted a "mystery photo" taken in modern-day Kerrville, and asked readers to tell where the photo was taken.  Paul J. Was the first to provide the correct answer.
Saturday's Mystery Photo
The photo was taken at the Weston Building in downtown Kerrville; it's the step into the building, entering from the corner.  For those who don't know which building is called the Weston Building, it's the one which is now the home of Francisco's Restaurant. When I was a boy, the Booterie was housed there, and before that I hear it was a sporting goods store.  Many remember it as Chaney's Confectionery (and Taxidermy), and Weston had a saloon in the building at one time.
The building was actually built by Charles Barlemann in 1890 for a saloon; it had a nice outdoor beer garden between the building and the Masonic Building (which is now the home of Sheftall's Jewelers).  Barlemann's wife, Jennie, was the daughter of the founder of Kerrville, Joshua D. Brown.
A letter found in a tin box in the cornerstone read, in part, ""This building was built by Davey & Schott, contractors. Men that worked on the building are Gottleib Schwope, Bill Archer, Tom Farmer, Herman Meimann, Bonificio, Ad. Webber, Otto Webber, Charley Henkle, Fred Roth, Fritz Volmering, Sam Haught, Tim Benson, E. Smith, Eg. Jarinsky, Joe Babb, Alfred March, Harp Bruff, Sam Glenn, Old Man Pettie, W. B. Schott, Ben A. Davey, Arch. and Builders."


  1. Before the Booterie a family whose name, I believe, was Clark owned the Sports Shop.


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