Saturday, April 20, 2013

Saturday Mystery Photo: where was it taken?

Ok, for a little Saturday fun, I'm posting a "Mystery Photo."  The only hint: I took it earlier this week in the city limits of Kerrville.  Can you guess where it was taken?  I'll post the name of the first person who gives the correct answer in the comments section below.  (I won't release the correct comments until later, when I announce the winner, so keep guessing.....)
Saturday Mystery Photo, taken April 19, 2013, somewhere in Kerrville.
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  1. Bottom of the stairs

  2. In making the guess above, I didn't play fairly because I researched your blog before submitting an answer.

    I found your January 23, 2012 posting that mentioned the sign.

    It was fun to play "Sherlock Holmes" because it required me to re-read about 10 of your previous postings.

    Reading those 10 previous articles refreshed my memory about many things that you had already taught us.

    Apparently, I had forgotten some of it (old minds = short memories). :)


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